Podcast and Audio Transcription

Transcribe videos, audio files, and podcasts.
Fast and reliably.

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Efficiently transform audio data into text-based assets — for improved SEO, increased user engagement, and precise content strategy.
Upload video or audio recordings, import them from websites, or select podcast episodes and receive a transcription in a matter of minutes.
Speaker roles are automatically recognized and marked.
Transcriptions are fully editable and can be exported in various formats, including Word (.docx), WebVTT (.vtt), SubRip (.srt), or as a JSON document (raw data with all details).
Podwriter Editor
Integration of ChatGPT & Other AI Models
Thanks to AI support, summaries & chapter markers can be created in no time.
Team Work
Transcriptions can be shared with others and edited collaboratively in real-time.
Podwriter Editor
Integration of ChatGPT & Other AI Models
transcript fulltext search
All transcripts are automatically available for full-text search. The Podwriter search engine allows complex search queries and thanks to vector search, can also yield semantically related results.



Transcriptions without subscriptions!
5€ minimum
checkTranscriptions of videos, audio content, and podcasts
check1€ / hour of audio (charged by the minute)
checkAutomatic speaker recognition
checkTranscription editor
checkExport as text, SubRip (srt), WebVTT (vtt), Word (docx), or raw data (json)
Support for German, English, French, and 7 more languages


Team features, AI summaries, and other goodies.

Free during
checkAll features of On-demand
check15h of transcription / month included, thereafter 50¢ / hour
checkFull-text search in transcriptions
checkPriority processing
checkCreate summaries and chapter markers with ChatGPT-4.
checkSubscribe & Alert: Select podcasts and be notified when certain terms are mentioned in new episodes.


Custom solutions for your business.
checkUnlimited transcriptions
checkDedicated transcription pipelines and data processing
checkPersonal support
checkTranscriptions & export with API and CLI

Use Cases

Whether for internal purposes or to achieve better visibility, transcriptions can be used in a versatile manner.
All episodes of the popular Doppelgänger Tech Talk Podcast are automatically available in text form, searchable, and can be queried using ChatGPT!